Graphite Pencil Portrait Gifts



Thanks for visiting my website. All of my graphite portraits are custom made and hand drawn, which is what makes them both personalized and unique. If you need a portrait of a group of people and/or pets, but you don’t have a photo of them together, I am able to create a combined portrait based on your separate photographs. This is a good option when you can’t get everyone together for a group sitting. I am happy to give advice and offer suggestions as to how this can be accomplished, as well as any changes that I may need to make.

The people who view and receive my portraits often comment that my portraits “speak to them” and “capture the true spirit” of my subjects. Please feel free to view my testimonial page for other responses and feedback. Portrait gift certificates are also available. These are great if you cannot ask for, or get a reference photo without arousing suspicion, or if you are unsure as to what the recipient would prefer as a subject. Please feel free to look around and explore the world of Amy’s Expressions.

Amy Sieberer


Please note that my business is based in Montgomery County, PA, but I can work with anybody...anywhere!